Don't Scotchgaurd your Furniture!

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Don't Scotchgaurd your Furniture!

Friends, I'm loving our new fabric line from Best Craft and thought I'd share it with you. It's a waterproof fabric that isn't crunchy or shiny. Whaa? Yep. That's what I said. You can have your white sofa you've been dreaming of and keep your kids too.

How familiar is the following scenario? Purchase the lovely sofa of your dreams. Scotchgard the heck out of it. Forbid your kids to go near it with dirty shoes, grimy hands or a juice box. Discover your first stain after a few weeks. Work like Cinderella scrubbing floors to get it out. A few months later, one stain becomes three. Schedule the upholstery cleaning and don’t forget to have it treated again with Scotchgard. Repeat process every six months.

Who has the time, the money, or even the patience for this process to keep your home looking great? Performance fabrics, like Livesmart, are treated at the yarn level, so you don’t need to treat it after you purchase it. With barrier protection to keep your fabric clean, sofas, chairs and other furnishings made with performance fabrics are designed for heavy duty wear, repelling moisture and resisting stains. So even if your day includes Rover drying his dirty paws on the sofa, your 5-year old artist resting in the chair before washing her hands, and a spilled glass of wine when you finally get a moment to unwind, there’s a performance fabric that can handle it with easy clean up and no expensive upholstery cleanings and treatments.

How it works:

Live Smart fabrics are produced exclusively with low denier performance yarns that are encapsulated with a stain and moisture repellent finsh. Spills bead upon the surface of the fabric instead of penetrating into the cushion. 

Care and Cleaning Methods:

All spills should be treated promptly for best results and ease of removal. Most spills can be cleaned by gently lifting the spill with a paper towel, or a clean, dry, absorbent cloth. If there is a slight stain left, Mix 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent like Tide with 16 oz of lukewarm water.Then blot the area and rinse with a clean damp cloth. Ta-da! All is right with the world again. Cleaning up spills just got a whole lot easier.

We've got six Live Smart fabrics that you can chose from any Best Craft furniture styles to put them on. That's over 12,000 possibilities for sofas, accent chairs, or ottomans. You deserve a sofa that is going to last for years and doesn't cost you and arm and a leg.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a happy Wednesday! (If you had a Live Smart sofa, it could be a Wine-sday.)